thank-you-1428147_640 Thank you so much for your thorough questionnaire and the wonderful chat that came with it. I appreciated your genuine interest in my health and wellbeing as well as your thoughtful generosity in sharing ideas and recipes that will help me regain my health. Your work and style are so necessary for anyone, and particularly for people who are hectic and think they don’t have the time to get healthy. Baby steps and build from here. I’m looking forward to working with you further.

Suzanne, small business owner


thank-you-1428147_640 I really like the way you approach my health and helping me change my habits. For example, you recommended a baby step that got me to focus on drinking more water. That actually worked. Also, walking me through how to eat healthier, and to recognise what is actually in the food that I eat! You are a star! I highly recommend that anyone who has struggled with changing their health habits immediately contact you!

Jim, retired


thank-you-1428147_640Working with Pat has been a delight! I was concerned that I would be told to: ‘do this, do that, don’t eat that.’ But Pat worked around my lifestyle and work schedule. Her style is gently encouraging, without being confronting. In only six weeks, I have learned so much about food and how making simple substitutions can dramatically improve one’s health.

Hacy, small business owner


thank-you-1428147_640 Good Morning everyone! Happy Monday. Monday is the day when people typically look to “start” things – a new diet, exercise regime or even cutting something out of their life such as sugar. If you have been thinking about eating a bit more healthier, understanding more about what the food you put in your mouth does for you (yes, you definitely are what you eat, but often foods have amazing properties that will help with common ailments) or just generally interested in beginning a new, healthier lifestyle that focuses on food as a “medicine” so you can stop aches & pains, reduce hay fever or you want to detox your body by starting to eat clean, Patricia Ely Frederick from Warmly Nourished is the lady you should speak to. Look her up on her website: http://warmlynourished.com/ I’ve been working with Patricia Ely Frederick for the past 6 months on improving my diet and lifestyle to boost my immunity – thanks Hacy Tobias for putting the hard word on me when I was sick in January to do this. Pat’s approach is holistic, and looks at all areas of your life. Her style is very friendly, compassionate and caring. I highly recommend Pat and her awesome company Warmly Nourished.