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Warmly Nourished - Patricia Frederick

Welcome To My Health Journey

Hi, I am Patricia!

Welcome to my page, I am so pleased you have landed here.

I am a certified Food Nutritionist, Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, and a Professional Chef. I am open hearted and open minded. I love everything about food, nutrition, holistic health, and wellbeing.

My goal is to create harmony and balance in your body to make you clear, vibrant and energised. I will guide you through your new health journey with care for your unique needs. No judgment.

After a long corporate career (20+ years), I decided to leave that world and realise my lifelong dream of becoming a qualified chef. I worked in commercial kitchens as both a Chef and Kitchen Operations Manager for 14 years.

Then, it felt right to start my own personal chef business, a meal delivery service, which I ran for 2 1⁄2 years in Sydney. I loved it and as the business grew, I worked harder and harder. I loved my business so much that I did every job on my own from shopping, cooking, and delivering meals 24/7. My work life balance was a disaster.

One night, at 2:30am, I was packing up all the meals for the next day and the next minute, I found myself on the kitchen floor and couldn’t move, all I could do was weep. I just sat there and cried.

I reached my breaking point and had a burn out. My adrenal glands were in overdrive and I couldn’t sleep. My stress had caused chronic inflammation, my vitamin D stores were almost zero, my iron and B vitamins were at rock bottom, and my digestion was a joke. No wonder I was moody, gained weight, had aching joints, was depressed, and had lost my sparkle. Simply said, I was a mess.

I decided to put my beloved business on hold and opted to go back into the real world of the 9 to 5 grid and continued my studies in nutrition.

I had to be honest with myself and ask myself the tough questions. I had to learn to understand my personality (mindset) and how it could lead me to the end of my mental and physical rope.

Given my skills and credentials as a professional chef I started to use a combination of healthy food choices and stress reduction strategies. I made several lifestyle changes to create a “better me”. It would be a lie to say it was an overnight change. It took time, understanding, and trial and error. Day by day I started to feel better and guess what? I got my sparkle back.

I became a “daily walk” junkie and regular charity walk participant. The increased physical activity improved my sleep quality and transformed many of my other health issues. Watching my diet by keeping inflammatory foods low let my joints feel great again. Step by step, I was winning my health back.

Patricia Frederick of Warmly Nourished

Patricia Frederick of Warmly Nourished

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By 2014, I realised that this journey could have been so much easier if only I’d had someone with the experience and understanding about food, nutrition, and lifestyle to turn to. Once more, I left my job and became a certified Health Coach.

Apart from being a qualified Chef, I hold Certifications in Nutrition from the Nature Care College and as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (INN). Furthermore, I am also an endorsed Epigenetic Health Coach and a Neuro Change Practitioner.

My Signature 1:1 Coaching Program “The Whole You” is for women like you who are seeking vibrant holistic health while being fully nourished. It’s about the support and guidance you receive as you travel along your health journey to make it so much easier for you to reach your goals.


Patricia Ely Frederick

Warmly Nourished