Loving Life at any age!

Loving Life at any age!

And does AGE really matter?

I have been thinking a lot about age this year as I am about to move into a new decade with the start of 2020.  Which got me thinking, does it matter how old I am – and I have concluded – NO it does not.

Sometime before my last decade birthday I stopped wearing makeup.  This started as I moved from a desk job to a kitchen job.  I loved the freedom of not putting stuff on my face… little by little I let go of vanity things.  Around the same time, I made a decision NOT to colour my hair – so I never did and when it started going WHITE, I choose to let nature takes its course!  And you know I think it looks rather cool!

Dear younger self – don’t be in such a hurry to grow up.  Enjoy the road to YOU!  Ah but my younger self didn’t hear this she was too busy keeping up – and growing up!

Her road was travelled and yet not examined.   NOW THE ROAD I TAKE IS EXAMINED AND I AM ENJOYING THE JOURNEY!

Over this past year I have explored more about what will help my body thrive as I age.  Sort of keeping the biological clock in check.  What I have discovered has been a real eye opener.  Here is what I mean:

  • I no longer get up at the crack of dawn to pound the pavement; instead I wake up and gently stretch, do a bit of mouth and teeth cleaning before moving into the kitchen for my warm water/lemon/grated fresh ginger and raw honey tea. What a delight this has been and I started doing this in December 2018. (From my PH360 profile chronological information)
  • I still walk, in fact I do between 10,000 and 15, 000 per day. I just leave it for later and enjoy my Zen morning time.  It makes me happy and my body is loving the gentle change.
  • Learning functional movement (“Move Your DNA” By Katy Bowmen). Helping to keep the body machine well oiled!
  • Proper breathing has also been a welcome surprize. What can I say – better digestion, mood, sleep and the list goes on (“Breathe” by Jean Hall as well as meditations in group and on my own)
  • The other big change was eating my largest meal of the day between 1:30 and 3:00 pm. And when I balance this meal well, I find it can be my last meal of the day. (From my PH360 profile chronological information)
  • I have also noticed with these small changes; I am seeing rather nice changes. My moods seem to be calmer; I am losing some weight that my body really doesn’t need, and my joints (I have suffered with osteoarthritis) are feeling so wonderful.

The above are the newer changes, however, back in 2014 I went of coffee –HUGE – after reading Dr. Libby’s book “Rushing Woman’s Syndrome”.  In 2015 I give up alcohol and once more it really helped with my joints.  I now enjoy a little alcohol for special events.  However, I suspect the biggest and best change was the overhaul of my diet. I started putting focus on vegetables and foods without labels.  I went back to whole food.  And I have a fun little bliss ball to give you some JOY this holiday as well as holiday cookie.

And this year as I look in the mirror, I feel blessed!  The journey towards me has not been a one-year project, rather a multi-year and multi-step one.  What I do know is my life is in its SECOND SPRING (learnings from reading “Goddesses Never Age” by Christiane Northrup, M.D.)   And AGE will not define me nor will it define WHAT I CAN OR CANNOT DO.  I plan on being on this planet for some time, and while I am here, I will live my life fully, without constraints.

I will keep reading, walking, bike riding, and creating and making great food!

How does this all sound to you?  Can I help in any way?
My coaching focuses on rediscovering your vibrant self and helping you make the life changes which will best suit you!  I do have a magic key to help unlock a few doors for you and shorten the process and answer the question – WHAT SHOULD I EAT!  I can help you with that and a few more areas of your life.

Summer Reading; Here is my list for the next several weeks.

Summer Reading; Here is my list for the next several weeks.

I my have pulled out too many for this summer…but hey they are all good and deserve their time in the sun.  For some I will devour cover to cover and for others I’ll skim for what I need to learn and share!  And if you look closely you’ll notice 4 are cook books – so that is more about testing recipes to create some diversity in the kitchen.

While I unwind I will be pouring more into my brain!

All so good for different reasons!

How about you?  Do you have a summer reading list every year and do you make it through the books?

Wish me luck,



Black bean Burger that will rock your taste buds! New recipe from Patricia of Warmly Nourished.



Slowing Down the Aging Process From the Inside Out!

What if you could slow down your aging process, while increasing your energy?

Do you sometimes find yourself on the energy roller coaster?  Do you wake up, and need coffee to start your day?  Maybe your breakfast is a slice of toast with jam, bowl of boxed cereal, or a glass of bottled juice.  Or maybe you skip breakfast and wait for morning tea or lunch.  Okay, so what does this have to do with energy?  Good question – here we go!

Eating for energy is about one simple strategy: balancing your blood sugar. When we eat a constant stream of sugary foods or go for long stretches without eating, we send our blood sugar levels out of balance and this has a knock-on effect for our hormones.  This manifests as quick bursts of energy followed by exhausting crashes, along with short-term and long-term problems like insomnia, weight gain, mood swings and inflammation.

And guess what effect those long-term problems have on us?  We start to age faster from the INSIDE OUT.

So how do blood sugar levels get out of balance?  Here is a quick breakdown of how sugary foods and refined carbohydrates affect us:

  • A sugary food is eaten (white bread, pastries, sugary beverage like soda, and fruit juice etc.)
  • Food is quickly digested and absorbed, with a surge of sugar rushing into the bloodstream
  • The pancreas secretes insulin to help shuttle that sugar out of the blood and into our cells
  • Our blood sugar levels drop quickly
  • The adrenal glands react, producing the stress hormones cortisol and epinephrine (adrenaline) to help pick blood sugar levels back up
  • These stress hormones peak and then crash
Too much sugar and carbohydrates can put us into a vicious cycle of peaks and crashes that is difficult to escape.

The short-term health impacts of blood sugar imbalance include several common signs, and maybe you have experienced one or more.

Rapid heartbeat Poor focus and concentration Shakiness
Increased blood pressure Cravings for sweets Irritability
Sweating Fatigue Forgetfulness
Mood swings Insomnia Anxiety

Over time, if sugar imbalances aren’t addressed, it will start to take bigger toll on our long-term health – which can worsen as we start to age faster from the inside out:

Weight gain Impaired thyroid function Chronic insomnia
Insulin resistance and diabetes Lowered immunity & increased risk of infections Cognitive issues – inability to think, learn or remember
Anxiety High blood pressure Pain and inflammation
Depression Osteoporosis

So, which foods are best to avoid or are the worst offenders?  Here are the top offenders and might be a good idea to remove them from the fridge and pantry.

Juice Jam Dried fruit
Muffins Corn syrup Alcohol
Doughnuts Cakes Soda
White bread Pasta Ice cream
Cookies White rice Milk chocolate
Bagels Crackers Candy
Honey Rice cakes


The secret to blood sugar stabilization, which leads to increased energy as well as better health and aging comes from 5 key concepts. 

PROTEIN. This macro nutrient is essential for healing and repair, and also helps us feel full and satiated. Best sources: eggs, meat, fish, poultry, nuts, seeds, beans, legumes.

FAT. An energy-dense macro nutrient that also helps us feel full and satiated. Best sources: nuts, seeds, healthy oils (coconut, olive, avocado, flax, chia, etc.), fish, ghee, avocado. 

FIBER. High fibre foods take longer to break down, releasing a slow stream of energy rather than a flush of it. This keeps our blood sugar levels steady and even. Best sources: beans, legumes, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruit, gluten-free whole grains.

EATING REGULARLY. Consuming regular, nutritious meals helps our blood sugar levels to stabilise and prevents them from dropping too low.

LOW GI FOODS. Choosing foods that are low on the glycemic index (more info below) also helps stabilise blood sugar levels.

When you combine the above into each meal, you’ll set yourself on a course of steady, sustained energy that will keep you feeling great all day long.  Here is a recipe for a great breakfast smoothie.

What else can we add into our diets that will help with blood sugar balance, increase energy, and slow down the aging process?  Contact me to discuss some of my favorites.  I would love to hear from you.


Healthier Green Smoothie With Essential Oils

Healthier Green Smoothie With Essential Oils

To be honest, I really like to chew my food, so having a smoothie can sometimes put me off.  That’s not the case with this lovely smoothie. I call it my Healthier Green Smoothie.

Elegant Serving a smoothie in a wine glass!

Make every meal special, why not serve your fresh and healthy breakfast smoothie in a wine glass!

Well balanced using fresh spinach, fresh apple -with peel, good fats with flax seeds, hemp seeds, tahini and a medjool date for hit of sweetness wrapped up with fibre and iron.  But what I really love is the addition of essential oils.  For this recipe I choose lemon, lime and ginger.  The lemon and Lime help with your metabolism in the morning and the freshness wakes me up.  I used Ginger for the warming touch it gives and for digestion.

What a perfect breakfast smoothie!

With Essential Oils

So balances…so fresh…loving the essential oil addition!

The Wonder of Mineral Vegetable Broth – When Bone Broth isn’t and option

The Wonder of Mineral Vegetable Broth – When Bone Broth isn’t and option

For those wanting an alternative for bone broth/stock made from animal sources I have a great recipe for to try.

This recipe is liver detoxing and  mineral dense broth is a great addition to any kitchen.  Once made, this will keep for a week or so in the fridge and months in your freezer.

The trick with making this broth is keep the skin/peels on all the vegetables and include  good quality  KELP.  Kelp is a important sea vegetable rich in minerals including iodine and other key minerals and vitamins.   Similar to bone broth, adding this broth to your diet will help with good health.   As with bone broth, you can use this wonderful broth for cooking and creating great recipes.  I also really enjoy having a warm cup of broth mid morning or late afternoon.

I recommend using a slow cooker for this – however if you don’t have one the stove top will work just fine.