Ah, Cake!  Homemade German Chocolate Cake

Ah, Cake! Homemade German Chocolate Cake

Homemade Birthday Cake was the norm when I was growing up,  every member of my family had their GO TO cake.  Mine was lovely layered cake known as German Chocolate Cake.   It had this really yummy frosting made with pecans and coconut and I simply couldn’t think of anything better.

Traditional German Chocolate Cake

This cake is named for a man not the country!

Travel forward with me to 2019 and I have re-fashioned my childhood cake into a more whole food version that tastes just as special as it always did!  In this version, the white flour and white sugar have been replaced with wholefood options.   And if you want the cake to be VEGAN, the eggs can be replaced too!  WOW, so is this really a cake?  Yes it is and its every bit as good as the original.

So what magic did I spin to create this cake?

It starts with replacing the flour.  Which I did my using pre-cooked quinoa.  I then replaced the white sugar with coconut sugar.  Now I could have used rapadura sugar here, however, I really like the caramel taste of coconut sugar.  I don’t have an issue with eggs, however, I have many friends who either can’t eat eggs or are vegan, so I have included an option to use chia gel as an egg replacement.  You could also use powered egg replacement, however, I wanted to keep this as a whole food cake so chia was the  better option.

The result, is a moist, yummy, chocolatey cake worthy of being someones favorite Birthday Cake!  With the perfect pecan and coconut frosting.  YEAH!

For the frosting, the sugar was replace with whole majool dates – the rest is almost the same, unsweetened coconut and fresh raw pecans.  Its the perfect frosting for this cake.   Whats  more, you can make this cake as a single layer, double layer or turn it into cup cakes.  The choice is yours.  I hope you love this cake as much as I do and make it often.




Celebrate 2017 and Welcome 2018

Celebrate 2017 and Welcome 2018

Pine and Purple

Magical color for Christmas!


Wishing you the joys of the season and looking forward to the new year, RING IN 2018! 

Around this time, I like to review the  year just ending  and celebrate what is important to me.  This helps me move into the new year with positive energy.    And for 2018,  I wish you three things; 

1. Great health, 2.  Prosperity,  3. Being present


Reflecting  over 2017

Are you like me, do you take time to reflect over the past year and pull out what’s important to you?  Its a wonderful practice and I find it helps me embrace the next year/future with a sense of excitement and wonder.  I hope you will take some time between now and January 1st for reflection and celebrate the things you are thankful for!

For me, I am thankful for my

1.  wonderful husband, who is my life partner, travel mate, walking buddy, and all-round best mate,
2.  family, although far away, are always there for me,
3.  fur baby, Chloe, who at the grand age of 15 (90+ in dog).  She has brought such joy into our lives and we have been blessed with a sweetheart who always attracts attention and cuddles wherever she goes,
4.  friends, who no matter where I am, they are always there to support me and you know be my besties.  THANK YOU!
5.  continued good health! So very thankful that both my husband and I are in good health and can enjoy the things we love doing together.

Vision for 2018

  1.  continue to connect with you, and making a difference in your life as you will in mine,
  2. continue my mission coaching others for success,
  3. find new ways to educate and help others make the connection between health, food eaten, positive self-talk, and the simple act of movement.

What is your vision for the new year?  I hope one thing is to continue to connect with me and share. 

Before I go, I have attached a wonderful recipe that I love and so far, so have others.  The recipe is for my Raw Breakfast Brownie.  Sounds very decadent and they taste decadent YET they’re not.  They are a great balance of good vegan protein, fiber, and healthy fats, they are low in sugar (made with organic maple syrup packed with minerals) and as noted they are Raw (and egg free).  I hope you get a chance to make these.  Share your thoughts and your photos with me!

Have a wonderful holiday and see you back here in the new year!

We recently moved from Sydney Australia up to Brisbane Australia.  Emotionally it was a difficult move, we left behind our home for the last 20 years and city we were proud to call home.  However, a new chapter in our lives was calling us and we made the break.

Very small Christmas tree

Small Yet Powerful – Christmas in our new City