Cooking Classes

Coming Soon in 2019

Hosted Table

This is a bespoke meal experience, where secret tips and nutritional secrets are revealed in a relaxed, fun filled, shared learning experience hosted at your home You and your guests will be guided through a personalised cooking demonstration that is unique to your needs and interests. It’s a party with friends where food is rediscovered in fresh and exciting ways.  Come to the table and explore the benefits of cooking made fun again.

Duration – TBA

Healthy Journeys with Patricia

Explore Brisbane together, following a trail that uncovers the hidden locations of the “best of the best” in healthy organic foods and fresh produce with your guide Patricia Frederick, a Whole Food Chef and Nutritional specialist. As you make your way around Brisbane you will rediscover the joys that healthy eating can bring. Patricia will spark new life and excitement into your future meals as you learn the value of foods, spices and nutritional supplements that will enrich your daily life. Come join the caravan and have fun as you learn new ways.

Duration – 5 1/2 hours