Hellowater-1632785_1280 fellow water drinkers (and if you are not drinking water, why not?),

I love water and tend to sip it all day every day. I encourage my friends and clients to do likewise. But there are times in the day you should stop drinking, and this is 30 minutes before and after meals. Yes, I did recommend this and now you must be wondering why.   The reason is your digestion and the impact water/liquids have on it.

The process of digestion starts before you actually take your fist bit of food. As you look at your food, smell your food, you start to increase the saliva in your mouth. Saliva along with the process of chewing is the start of digestion. The more you chew your food, the easier it is to move to your stomach where your stomach acid does the real work of breaking it down further and sending the food on to be used by the body.

Okay you are still wondering about the water issue and 30 minutes, right? I am getting to that point right now.

As noted above, you need stomach acid to be 100% to do its best work. Undigested food leave most of use feeling bloated, sluggish, and sleepy.  So think back to your last few meals, and see if any of this ring true for you.  It did for me and now I know why. I was diluting my stomach acid, which impacted its ability to do its job effectively. By NOT  drinking liquids 30 minutes either side of your main meals I think you will find you will feel better.

Slowing down and taking a mindful approaching to eating is also important.    A few simple things to try as you sit down to your next meal; actually sit down, really see your food , give thanks, breath between bites, and chewing fully.   These are very simple acts which help you slow down your eating and help your digestion. By slowing down, you are allowing the message from your stomach to your brain which trigger you are full. The upshot,  you actually eat less, feel fuller, and start the digestion process by chewing your food more.

To your good health, warmly nourished.