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Healthy Cooking classes Brisbane
Nutritional workshops

Warmly Nourished FREE Online Health and Wellness Webinars

Warmly Nourished offers you monthly free online Zoom Webinars with Patricia.

In these Webinars I provide you with information about health and nutrition which will allow you to make better choices for your unique lifestyle.

In my Webinars I share my knowledge, and the good news is… I don’t believe in restrictive dieting or super disciplined calorie counting! I love helping people find ways that are sustainable for them, match their food preferences and lifestyle to fully nourish them. I am focused on optimal performance of your body, mind, and spirit as well as on the reduction of negative health symptoms, nutritional education and on food prep efficiencies. I cater in my programs and teachings for all food preferences and intolerances.

My Health and Wellness Webinars offer you free education for your health and wellbeing which you can use for your daily life.

Disclaimer: These Wellness Webinars do not provide or replace medical advice, nor do I claim to cure any health issues.

Cooking Masterclasses & Presentations

I also host several cooking classes and demonstrations either in your home, my home or place or your place of business. You can hire me as a guest chef/presenter for events, demonstrating anything from cooking tips and meal preparation hacks to specific recipes including my very popular One Pot Wonders.

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Brisbane healthy Cooking classes

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