Warmly nourshed logo 600 pixels high Why YOU Should Drink Bone Broth Every Day!!

Hey do you like bone broth?  Ever thought about drinking it in the morning instead of coffee or tea? Yesterday I shared some information about broth/stock/and bone broth to help you know which to use and for what.  I hope I left you with a sense of how much I value Bone Broth.  Its a stand out for our health and the time it needs to simmer (24+ hours) allows the collagen and connective tissue to break down along with all the minerals from the bones.  Wow, and you get to ingest all that lovely goodness for great health benefits.  I hope the below information persuades you to give bone broth a try and make it part of your day – every day if possible.

Helps with colds and bronchitis

Take a chapter from any old school traditional cook book, any one will do my favorite  is Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, and start making Chicken bone broth.  Folk lore has been teaching us there is value in letting food be thy medicine and chicken soup/bone broth is way out front.  It’s been used by many cultures over the years to cure colds.  How/why you might be asking, well it clears mucus and opens the respiratory system making it easier for you to start to fight off infection.  Current research suggests the same amino acids found in the soup are also in popular bronchitis drugs.  Personally, I think a bowl of chicken bone broth sounds better then drugs.

Strengthen and improves so much of what makes us including our gut

Bone broth gives us vital nutrients that we each need to strengthen so much of our bodies.  Things  like:

teeth and bones
immune system and over all gut health  (reduce inflammation)
muscle growth and repair
strength our joints with increased collagen

These nutrients include calcium, vitamin D, copper, manganese, magnesium, iron, potassium, and vitamins A, B, C, and K, amino acids (arginine and proline), gelatine, collagen, and glucosamine.
Added bonus for all of us, as bone broth starts to heal our guts, our brain functions is positively impacted lessening the causes of depression.  As our brain function improves, we get a lift in mood.  Win Win!

If you are seeking more information on the benefits or drinking bone broth, in the morning or any time, I suggest reading some of Dr. Axe’s work.  I love this article by Dr. Axe, which delves deeper into the benefits of bone broth  “Bone Broth Benefits for Digestion, Arthritis and Cellulite”.

To your continued good health.