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I am talking about HABITS and GOALS

Late last month, May, I sat down with the lovely Jessica Lee of the Spark Effect.  We discussed the nature of HABITS and what I term Goals for your Soul.  I even recorded the chat for you to have a listen to.

When you want to change a habit, the key is to keep it enjoyable.  Take small steps that are have purpose and keep you focused on the new behaviour you want to achieve.

As Jessica stated, “we can create big change through small, consistent, enjoyable steps, getting our reward centre activated and creating new neural pathways”.

I know this approach works; I have been coaching clients toward new habits ONE*STEP*AT*A*TIME for over 5 years. 

The other topic we covered was GOALS.  I love working on goals with my clients.  As a way to help my clients focus on what they really want, I started calling them GOALS FOR YOUR SOUL.  As Jessica stated, (and I agree whole heartedly),”if you are looking to set goals driven with purpose, it often requires getting back in touch with what you want and NOT what you feel you ‘should’ be doing with your life”.

I hope you enjoy our conversation and pick up some useful information. Just click HERE for the link.

I have a few more things for you to check out.  I have a new community Facebook page dedicated to you.  It’s called The WHOLE YOU, Warmly Nourished and you can find it by clicking here.

And I have also started a monthly Master Class.  Each month I will be sharing information around what I love – topics will vary, however, will stay focused on REAL FOOD.  These master classes will be live with a recording.  I would love you to join me live – but if that isn’t possible you can always book in and I will send you the current month’s recording.  Each month I will post the topic and booking link in the community Facebook page.

Have a wonderful week and look out for my new eBook on habits coming out at the end of this month.  If you are enjoying my newsletters feel free to share them. 

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