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Its been a rather unique world we have all shared for the last 8 weeks, and it looks like things will slowly go back to?  Old normal, New Normal or What?  As this period starts to be revealed it might be time to start noticing how you’re feeling/coping.  Observing your contemplations.

Once upon a time I use to think of meditation as a total waste of time.  Too disciplined for someone like me who couldn’t sit still.  I use to leave my yoga classes when it was time for Savasana (corpse pose) The thought of being quiet and still seemed unnatural for me.  And if you have known me for any length of time, I give you permission to laugh out loud right now.

Do I still feel like this?  No, not really.  I had to change the language in my head from classical vision of meditation to Contemplations.  This term is easier for me to get my head around.  So now I take moments out each day to be quite and just contemplate the world around me, how I am feeling, or work through any issues from a calm place.

I have only just come into this practice– it started back in late 2012 after I had moment of…..well…..panic (visit the about me page on my website) and I needed to make some changes.  Over time, I have gotten better with this practice, and taking the time to reflect on what comes up.

I have noticed when I don’t do my early morning contemplation, my day doesn’t flow– it’s like it’s a mad rush and I can’t focus on what is important for that day.

Here are some wonderful things I would like to share with you if you have not found a practice for yourself.

    1. The personal insights that you gain from your contemplations can bring you to a deeper awareness of yourself.


    1. You may find that making it a point to connect with the part of yourself that is linked to your inner wisdom or create deeper connection to your physical body.


  1. Over time, you may want to start a contemplation journal/diary to capture what it is you are feeling.  The trick is not to edit yourself.  Instead you will want to:

    a. notice you observations and when you can, write them out as a stream of awareness.  Your thoughts may seem disconnected or random and that is fine.b.  the capturing of your observations is merely a way to capture your ideas.  Its not a book or an essay, it’s just your observations.c.  after a while, you might notice patterns emerge that can give you a better idea about what your thoughts truly mean.I am just starting my own journaling practice, and I’m not very good with the practice yet.  I will keep going and work through my issues and see what happens on the other side.I have been told, and I believe it, a meditation journal can be a wonderful way to record the messages that we receive from our spiritual intuition.   

    I was thinking as the world starts to reopen this might be a good time to start observing how you are feeling.

Is this a practice you might want to try?