Iron is important to ensure red blood cells remain healthy and carry sufficient oxygen throughout the body. Without enough iron, overall health tends to suffer; most notably a lack of energy, reduced immunity and a less than stellar pallor to your beautiful skin is the result.

There are so many delicious choices and it’s not too difficult to pump up your iron level with fresh and delicious foods. Let’s discuss some of the best food options.

Meat Based foods

Meat lovers will be pleased to know that animal based foods are the best source of iron. So go ahead and throw a steak on the barbie or dust off that pan and fry up a little home cooked chicken.

Here’s our list for the best meat based food sources of iron;

  • red meat
  • chicken
  • duck
  • turkey
  • liver

Plant based foods

Ideal for vegetarians and vegans, plant based foods high in iron include a number of delicious options;

  • green vegetables like spinach, silver beet and broccoli
  • lentils and beans
  • nuts, seeds and dried fruit
  • grains like whole wheat and brown rice
  • sea vegetables such as Wakame, Kombu and Nori

It is recommended that vegetarians and vegans take a little extra care to ensure they are getting enough iron from plant-based diets. The elimination of animal-based iron sources can leave you a little more prone to deficiency; but as you can see there are quite a number of great options regardless of your dietary preferences.

Vitamin C, if consumed together with iron rich foods, increases the likelihood that your body is absorbing the iron from the foods you are eating. Consider adding a dash of citrus fruits and juices or cauliflower and sweet peppers, as sides, to your iron rich meal. 

By fortifying those red blood cells with a little extra iron in your diet, you should feel more energetic and your immune system will thank you for keeping it warmly nourished!