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This week I have been exploring the key reasons you want to ensure you are getting good levels of potassium in your diet (https://www.facebook.com/warmlynourished/). Its wonderful to know that this vital mineral is naturally contained in most of the foods we eat.  The trick is eating whole foods and not packaged foods which  also contain a great deal of sodium.

To end this weeks discussion, I am leaving you with one of my favorite recipes, a dip.  The classic Mexican guacamole –  which is made with avocado, a rich source of potassium and to it I add tomato also a good source.  The combination is perfect for parties and of course Mexican food night at your place with other homemade Mexican food goodies.   I hope you enjoy it!


Great source of potassium



Tomatoes a great souce of potassium

Salsa Fresca