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The comment, “may you live in interesting times”, has captured my imagination over the last few weeks.

In my life time there has not been the reaction to a virus as is the case with Corona Virus ( covoid-19).  The measures taken so far, are in an effort to protects us, as a population, from contracting the virus and passing to each other.   And its critical  we practice these measures to protect ourselves and those who have a weaker immune system.  It just feels so anti-social not to be with family, friends, and colleagues – almost UN-natural to me.  I am missing my hugs.

Yet, believe it or not,  there are some positives from the current unique postilion the world finds its self in.

– A reminder to us all to pay  closer attention and  adherence to our hygiene.  Washing your hands with plain soap and warm water is a must and has always been the best method for reducing the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses.
This has been my go to my entire life and magnified when ever I am in a kitchen ( my own as well as a commercial one).  Seems odd to have to remind us of this, but hey folks get complacent  – its part of being human.  The newly enforced rules have gone beyond standard code of practice, however to minimize the spread they are important.  I just wonder how long they will be in place.

– Work on building a strong immune system.   I love this and its in my “Wheel House” – I practice this and help support others to keep building their immune health.  This can be achieved with combination of
Eating a balanced whole food diet, packed full with all the yummy foods which build health.  Your diet will help you maintain the critical elements that help you build and maintain a strong immune system  – zinc, selenium, iron, copper. folic acid, Vitamins A, B6, C & E.  Get plenty of sleep, at least 8 hours.  Reduce chronic Stress, chronic stress wears down your immune system.    And ensure you are moving your body daily, exercise helps to reduce stress and accelerates circulation of white blood cells.

– A positive mindset.   I am speaking for myself, I find life’s bumps are easier for me when I try to see the positive side to difficult situations.  I call my approach “Finding the Silver Lining”.    Studies are finding that positivity help people make better health and life decisions and focus more on long-term goals. It is also suggested that negative emotions can weaken immune response – breaking down your bodies natural defenses.

Take Care of You – watch your personal hygiene – help yourself build a strong immune system – and think positive thoughts!    Find your Silver Lining.