I hope this finds you well and enjoying what 2017 has to offer so far.   This year I am  focusing my energy on simple and meaningful activities which will have very positive outcomes – for me and I hope you.  I am calling this #simplysimple2017.  In my life this will focus on de-clutering my kitchen, removal of harmful cleaning agents, using glass and glass jars for food storage,  limiting my  social media viewing, turning off technology by 8pm, and getting back to reading for pleasure.   For you –  Welcome to 2017, the year to start working toward creating a simply simple well nourished life.This year Warmly Nourished is expanding our offering alongside what we offered last year.    So what will Warmly Nourished be up to?  Glad you asked and here is a sample of what is on offer for you during 2017:

Community Dinners and Events 

Are you Hungry?

(1) Our seasonal dinners @ Asquith Family Chiropractors are back with the Autumn Dinner kicking things off on 10th of March.  We have been running these dinners since Nov 2015 and they just keep getting better.  Here’s the link to Eventbrite to book in: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/autumn-2017-dinner-tickets-31700275377?aff=efbevent
(2) New concepts for community meal sharing are under review so stay tuned!
(3) Health talks and workshops, these will cover a whole range of health topics so look out for them and I always post them on social media.
The first work shop is scheduled for Saturday 8th of April in Mosman.

Cooking Classes

Warmly Nourished Cooking Class

Cooking Class

Getting ready for my cooking class students

Shared Meal

Ole Mexican Cooking Class shared meal






Late last year I had the opportunity to offer cooking classes in a great location in West Pymble.  Sadly I have to find a new location for this year’s classes.  So stay tuned to WHEN and WHERE.
Ah and  now for the WHAT.  I have received some great feedback and  requests from you and have now included these ideas into this year’s selection, plus one I am very passionate about:

(a) More knife skills and basic prep and cooking for one OR  two people
(b) Healthy fun treats for lunch box and after school
( c) Healthy theme meals to create a full dinner party
(d) Small dishes…healthy finger food ideas
(e ) soup and salad meals
(f) Creating your own fermented foods at home (passionate about this one)

When I have the new venue sorted out I’ll share the calendar with you.  Question, are Sunday’s still good for you or would you like me to mix it up a bit?   Please let me know.

Working with Patricia 1:1

I really want to help others explore their own kitchens so I am promoting my introduction package cooking with me in your own home.    If are interested OR want to share this with someone else please let me know.   The package could include more than one person, so you could create a mini fun lunch with some friends.

In addition to this, I am also offering (1) fun tour of your favourite grocery store and show how you can eat healthy without changing you shopping patterns (2) pantry make over ( 3) and of course my signature 1:1 health coaching program  – Unleash Your New Life Today and 1:1 Healthy Food and Kitchen Tune-up




I am looking forward to working with you this year and I am sure you will find the right program offering for you!  To see more of what I do, please visit my web site: https:www.warmlynourished.com and stay in touch.   I also have a daily blog on my FB page https://www.facebook.com/warmlynourished/


Have a wonderful 2017!!  And if you want to use this hash tag #simplysimple2017