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Learn my top 5 tips to make 2020 all about YOU!

I am writing you from the beach.  We are pet sitting for a lovely border collie named Ollie and stunning cat names Milo.  We have been here since Christmas Eve and loving the beach life.  So nice to ease into the new year with beach walks, lots of pet cuddles and clean food.  This is how I want my 2020 to be!

To help you make 2020 a year about you, I am sharing my top 5 tips to help make 2020 be all about you!

  1. Learn how to breath properly.  I am not kidding here.  Your breath is life.  When you feel stressed or feeling overwhelmed, it is your breath that can ease these feelings.  Book suggestion – “Breathe” by Jean Hall.  The practice of deep breathing is calming allows more oxygen flow to your cells.
  2. Learn to say NO. Yes, simplicity start with no.  Is your To DO list full with things for others OR things that do not serve you or your family?  So, before you say yes, stop and think about what is being asked of you before you respond with YES.  Here is a response you can use (suggested by Dr Many Deeks) “‘I really appreciate you thinking of me.  Thank you’.  Then tell them ‘I have a few commitments at the moment and so I can’t help’.’
  3. Learn more about living a simple life. I just finished reading a wonderful book about living a simple life, the book “Slow” by Brooke McAlary.  I discovered a few new habits I would like to add into my life – which means I can crowd out the habits that are not serving me.  Mostly around being present and not involved distractions that are meaningless.
  4. Learn and do daily movement. A daily practice of movement will help you keep the machine that is your body well oiled and in good working order for many years to come.  When looked after (movement and proper fuel) your body will repay you in so many ways – help you age gracefully without complications.  I found the book “Move Your DNA” by Katy Bowman and great how to book with great motivation!
  5. Learn more about YOU. This is where I come in, Patricia your Food Nurturist from Warmly Nourished.  I have been working on my body for some time, but in 2019 I gave it a lot more scientific focus.  You see I was given a magic key, in the form of ph 360.  It’s a personalised health platform that measure your gene expression.  I found it worked so well I decided to become a certified coach and am now offering it to all past and future clients.  WHY!  Well ph360 is YOUR personalized health code (PHC) – opening up what you should actually be eating to nourish YOUR unique body, determine best time and type of exercise YOUR body will thrive on and a great deal more about the unique qualities that make up YOU.

    I am running a special offer for the entire month of January because its my Birthday month.  You can have your Personal Health Code for all of 2020!  Regardless of where you live in the world, we can still work together.  Why not reach out and get in touch so we can unlock and explore YOUR PHC.  Please use code PHC on your contact form.

Let 2020 be your year.  A New Way- To A New Life – To A New You