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My 3 Holistic Health Coaching Programs

Have you ever wondered why you were unable to follow health care advice?

Has your doctor ever recommended a lifestyle change that just wasn’t sustainable?

Did you ever wish you could commit to a significant health goal and not lose motivation?

As your Health Coach I know the secrets of how to achieve your wellbeing goals by creating a personalised program to radically improve your health and wellbeing – All while being easy and enjoyable to maintain.

I listen carefully and guide you through the world of contradictory nutrition advice to determine which changes are necessary and achievable for you. Together, we will explore concerns specific to you and your body, plus discover your personalised tools for a lifetime of balance.

My experience as a Chef, Food Nutritionist, Holistic Health, and Wellness Coach makes it easy for me to create together with you a personalised program which addresses your food preferences, diet restrictions and matches your lifestyle. My goal is that you achieve your goals while feeling fully nourished.

I offer 3 unique programs which are all focused on education, coaching and on YOU.

Have a look at my programs below and see which one feels right for you

You Want To Learn More

Personalised nutrition plan for weight loss

Private Nurtritonal Coaching

Private Coaching 1:1 Signature Program “The Whole YOU”

Warmly Nourished Private Coaching is an Australia wide Holistic 1:1 Coaching Program balanced on 3 core Pillars which help you to achieve your best and vibrant life. The program is delivered by Zoom.

Wellness is more than eating and exercising. How we think, feel, and engage with the world affects our overall health. In my 1:1 Program The Whole YOU you learn to foster a healthy life that nurtures your body, mind, and spirit.

Do you want to live your best and vibrant life while feeling positive and fully nourished?
If yes, then this program is for you!

I want to help You to achieve the same wellbeing as I created for myself.

When you join me we implement and cultivate a positive mindset, as well as a simple, easy lifestyle with encouraging steps to help you stay active, which will nourish your spirit, mind and body.

Along the road you will discover habits that no longer serve you. Together we will modify these habits to replace them with better and more healthful ones for your success.

You can expect to achieve

  • A positive mindset able to adapt to our changing world
  • Nourishing your body and mind to help you live agelessly and age gracefully
  • Creating movement that engages your body, like a well-oiled machine, while lifting your mood and engaging your brain
  • Nourishment that will have you ditch diets forever…. and never again ask the question “What should I eat”
  • Nourishment that shifts your thoughts from negative to positive and seeing possibilities in your life instead of blockages
  • Help to detox your body and other areas of your life
  • Mindset and Nourishment that help you enjoy the benefits of a relaxing and restful sleep

I realised that working with just 1 pillar was not sustainable for me. Combining the benefits of all 3 pillars is what helped me to achieve my goal of Living Well – Living The Whole YOU.

I invite you to schedule a free Initial Consultation with me to decide if my health coaching is right for you. During your session we will discuss your health and lifestyle to determine how I can best support you to achieve your wellbeing goals.

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Kitchen Zeal

Cooking at Home with Patricia

I am an experienced Whole Food Chef, Nutritionist and Holistic Health Coach and able to offer you unique in-home cooking experiences.

This Customised Cooking Program is available for my clients in Brisbane and between Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast as it is done from the comfort of your own kitchen. The entire experience supports your cooking needs and your tastes.

Brisbane cooking classes and meal preparation hacks

Are you wondering why you want to have me in your home?

  • You love to cook and want to update your recipes to create more healthy food. You want to learn more about the use of spices and herbs, and update your family recipes.
  • You don’t like to cook. Then this program gives you tips and recipes to get you out of the kitchen faster, while still embracing healthy food.
  • Or you are new to the kitchen and want to learn the basics. I also cover that. Cooking at Home can teach you the basics, then build on your new learning skills to explore the wonder of creating great and healthy meals with ease, full of natural flavour.

Your Customised Cooking Program Includes

  • Your Preferences Questionnaire – which enables me to better understand what dietary preferences you and your family have.
  • Personalised Recipe Book based on your preferences – with 3 unique recipes. The recipes can be organised to include choice of main, side/sides and dessert. You can change the dessert option to be breakfast for the next day or add breakfast as a 4th option. Or you just want to have a few main dishes.
  • All ingredients purchased and provided for as part of your package. Using wholesome organic ingredients where possible.
  • This complete package starts at $397 AUD. You even have the option to extend the experience and include your friends and turn the program into a lunch or dinner event.

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How to stock your pantry with food that is good for your heart

The Healthy Pantry Program

YOUR PANTRY is the place where your eating habits are rooted

Clearly understand which foods are promoting your health versus those which don’t. We ensure your pantry and fridge are filled with the good stuff. This will make a huge difference to your health!
I offer this program at your home anywhere based between The Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.

In this program we clear space, “Marie Kondo Style”, to make space for the good foods. Think of this as your Kitchen Declutter Project with health BONUS benefits!

Here is what we get up to in your kitchen:

  • We start by clearing out your pantry and giving it a good clean
  • Then with my support, you restock your pantry and fridge with great food which is suited best for your and your family’s needs
  • You will learn to decode food labels to better understand what is actually in your packaged and canned food. This is an amazing skill which you can share with your family and friends
  • We will replace your storage containers with glass ones wherever possible, for your pantry as well as for your fridge. We do this so that you can easily see what you have on hand and to reduce unhealthy plastic around your food.

This program is for you if you want to START your healthy eating journey! Usually this program is designed over a 2-day period and 2 hours per session. Step 1 is where you become Marie Kondo and start clearing out all the food that no longer serves you and your health. Step 2 is a step-by-step process where you rebuild your pantry reflecting your health goals.
Your Investment for this Program is $297 AUD.

To make it easier for you to decide if this is the right program for you, I invite you to schedule a FREE Consultation with me where you can ask your questions before you decide.

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30 Min FREE Clarity Call

Is your Body not working as it used to be? Are you challenged by physical pain, rapid aging, unexplained weight gain or lethargy?

In this FREE 30 Min Clarity Call, we will:

  • help you gain clarity on what is contributing to your biggest health challenges
  • choose one key area of your health to explore more deeply
  • give you clear, actionable steps to start making shifts right away
  • get to know each other and determine which of my services is best suited for you

Start Today Your Shift And Book Your FREE 30 Minute Clarity Call

90 Minute Coaching Call to “A Healthier YOU” - $297 AUD

Does this resonate with you?

  • Do you always feel tired?
  • Are you wondering where your energy went?
  • Do you feel a bit lost and wondering what’s next?
  • Are you gaining weight and can’t shift it?
  • Are you not sure what foods to eat to support a healthy and nourished YOU?
  • Are you wondering why your body seems to betray you?
  • Are you slipping into bad habits which don’t serve you?
  • Or maybe you just want to age gracefully and live well!
Nutritional eating plan for menopause
Perimenopause recipes & wellness coaching

The 90 Minute Zoom Coaching Call to “A Healthier You” includes:

  • Warmly Nourished Health Questionnaire
  • Circle of Life – Holistic Visual Assessment Tool
  • 90 Min 1:1 Deep Dive Zoom Session and Replay
  • Personalised Road Map to a healthier YOU – Delivered Post-Session

During our Session we will create your healthy Road Map. The plan will address your key health and wellbeing concerns and provide you with tools which you can use in your daily life straight away.

Start Your Shift Today And Book Your FREE 30 Minute Clarity Call

The Nourished Tribe Membership - Coming Soon!

The Nourished Tribe will focus on your Holistic Wellbeing !

Learn to embrace the concept of True Nourishment –
Nourishment through movement, relaxation strategies, nutritionally supportive food!

The Nourished Tribe is soon to offer an online platform for women who are committed to nurturing themselves and others. If you seek balance and are ready to live a fulfilled life by encompassing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual nourishment then you just found your Tribe. A supportive community with shared values which focus on selfcare, healthy lifestyle choices and practices.

The Nourished Tribe Membership includes access to all of my exclusive content including cooking demonstrations, recipe cards, shopping lists, meal plans, nutritional education and much more.

Be the first to know when The Nourished Tribe goes LIVE!

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The Nourished Tribe Membership
will be accessible online in early 2024.