The flavour for the month June has been Habits and Goals.  To round out the discussion I am sending you your own Habit Checklist and mini guide.  The Guide is a great tool to help you focus on changing habits which no longer serve you. 

Please keep in mind, perfection is not necessary.  Small meaningful steps and actions are what will propel you forward.   Steady progress is what will win the day.




If you are seeking support and help to identify habits that no longer serve you, my core 6-month program is a great place to start.  Please feel free to reach out and get in touch or view on my website- Working with me.

I have a few more things for you to check out.  I have a new community Facebook page dedicated to you.  It’s called The WHOLE YOU, Warmly Nourished and you can find it by clicking here.

The other new thing I have added, is a monthly Master Class.  Each month I will be sharing information around what I love – topics will vary, however, will stay focused on REAL FOOD.  These master classes will be live with a recording.  I would love you to join me live – but if that isn’t possible you can always book in and I will send you the current month’s recording.  

Each month I will post the topic and booking link in the community Facebook page, as well as my Business Facebook page – Warmly Nourished   The next Master Class is planned for Wednesday, July 8th.  Topic for July will be OILs.  Which oils should you use in your kitchen?  A comprehensive look at the BAD the GOOD and the BEST.

Have a wonderful week and look out for my next master class. 

Huge hugs,